Saturday, May 28, 2016

Layered Bean Dip

  I love to make this quick and versatile layered dip. It's delicious with tortilla  chips, pita chips or vegetables as dippers.   
  Get out a glass bowl (or casserole if it's for a big crowd!). Here's why I say it's versatile- you pick the layers!  The only layers that I think are essential are the cream cheese in the bottom and the next layer which is refried beans (I prefer the vegetarian version).  After that, you can layer what you like.  I don't care for guacamole so it is not one of my layers! 

I'll tell you how I layered this one:
-softened cream cheese
-refried beans
-green salsa verde'
-red chunky salsa
-sliced black olives
-shredded sharp cheddar
-jalapeño slices
-green onions
-chopped Campari tomatoes
  If you layer fresh, chopped vegetables on top like tomatoes or shredded lettuce, you will want to add those right before serving.  All other layers, up to and including the cheese topping, go in the microwave or oven until hot and cheese is melted!  Enjoy!!

I press any moist ingredients between paper towel or napkin.  You want them dry so your dip won't turn into a soggy mess!  Then, for less clean-up, I mince the small amounts of ingredients right on top of the napkin.

I hope you enjoy this dip as much as we do!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pimento Cheese

Summer holidays mean we can always use a back-up plan if we need a quick snack or lunch.  If you have this pimento spread in your fridge, you are prepared!  It's great on sandwiches, stuffed in boiled eggs or celery...or even as a topping on your grilled burger!


Start with good cheddar!

I like to use a long-handled teaspoon for stuffing celery.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Western Eggs with Red Hash

Sometimes, when supper time rolls around, you just want food that's easy to
make and that causes very little cleanup! Here is one of my solutions. It starts with leftover cooked potatoes from the fridge. The other chopped vegetables can be varied according to your taste(or what needs to be used up).

1.  Saute' diced onion and peppers with a little olive oil in an omelette pan (or nonstick skillet).

2.  Add chopped cooked ham or bacon. Those of you who like a bold taste can add fried sausage or chorizo!  Cook until hot through.

3.  Shove meat and vegetables to the side.  Add your eggs;  salt and pepper.  

In a separate hot skillet add chopped, cooked cold potatoes to a little oil and fry until they're browned and have crispy edges (I used my small cast iron skillet).

4.  Flip eggs half way through cooking.  Cover with a lid to finish the egg whites.

5.  Sprinkle with finely-shredded cheese.

6.  Plate the eggs and add the red potato hash to the side.  (You only have two small skillets and a chopping board to clean!)