Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mmmm-Mmmm at The Lady and Sons!

Sharing a little more of my Savannah experience...because we're all "foodies" here!  Let me just say, the buffet at Paula Deen's place is delicious!  We were seated on the third floor which was a very cozy space.   Both the food and service were great...and everyone gets a dessert.  You have a choice of peach cobbler, banana pudding or gooey butter cake...oh, my!!

Here's a glance at that menu...
You can order from the menu, or get the buffet so you can try some of everything! I recommend this approach!  (Also, the dessert comes with the buffet!)

I know this looks bad...but I didn't get seconds!  I had to save room for cobbler!

Two people who have...lots of personality!
Miss Y'all!  Have a great week!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Vintage Kitchenware Adventure

While I was window shopping in Savannah, Georgia, I happened upon this quirky, wonderful little store.  I know that several of you enjoy vintage kitchen gadgets, too, so I wanted to share.  I especially love their creative art of display!
Don't you just love the hanging mobile made of old kitchen items(pictured above)?!

I was lucky enough to own two Crock Pots just like these, thanks to my mom!  I passed the orange/red one to my son, Justin.  He has been using it since college!  The other one that I have is the harvest green and brown one next to the red one.

(I think I need a linen Texas tea towel!)

A cute little lamp made of tea cups and a teapot!  Clever!

Colanders riding in an old laundry cart!

Even the front windows had a border of vintage advertisements!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House

First stop is Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House!  The line for their famous lunch starts forming at 10:30.  The doors don't open until 11:00, but it is a popular place! 
  Delicious bowls of traditional southern sides and platters of fried chicken are served up family-style and refilled, promptly.  Hot biscuits and corn muffins are brought to your table regularly.  
  Family members still own and run this wonderful eatery and come around to your table to greet you.  You might be seated with other guests at your table...just like at a boarding house!  It's a great way to meet new people and and hear about their travels!  We met folks from San Fransisco on the day we were there.

All delicious!  There's fried chicken, BBQ, mashed potatoes, greens, black-eyed peas, stewed tomatoes and okra, coleslaw...sweet tea! There are even more sides on the table, but, a plate only has so much space!

(I happen to own one of this lady's cookbooks, so I was especially excited to eat there!)

Many articles and tributes, including awards, hang on the walls.  It's truly a family business.  A sweet picture of Mr. And Mrs. Wilkes sits prominently above a vintage fireplace mantle.

The staff is very attentive and the day I visited, a family member, referred to by staff, as "Miss Marcia" was hostess (in her summery dress and pearls). She was soft spoken but very friendly and welcoming.  
  Later, near the end of lunch, another family member came in with kids and grandkids in tow to celebrate his birthday.

What a unique place to have lunch while you're in Savannah!  They make you feel like family.