Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Butterfinger-Angel Food Dessert

This is a light dessert that our son, Justin, requested for his birthday.  It's fluffy and delicious with a Butterfinger candy bar crunch on top!  He found the recipe on a site called Skinny Points Recipes.

Butterfinger Dessert

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sugar-Free Apple Pie Recipe from Extension Homemakers Cookbook '93

  We have finally returned home after a week of my husband attending a work-related conference in Savannah, followed by a family vacation with our grown sons in Florida!  It was a logistical masterpiece planned by hubby.  Two sons flew in from two different states to meet up with our group of three who traveled by car (college-aged son in tow) to Florida.  This was the first time in several years that we have all been together for a week of vacation time.  The time spent together was priceless!  
  This week, however, is a week of everyone being back to the business of normal life!  Hubby and all three sons are back to work (and college classes for the youngest) and I am in the midst of a floor refinishing project at our house.  We have no furniture in our downstairs except for our bedroom which is carpeted.  The furniture and area rugs are stored, dustless sanding yesterday and today and staining will soon begin!  Once the flooring company is finished, our hardwood floors will be beautiful for fall!
  Since my kitchen is temporarily out-of-commission, I'm going to share a recipe from one of my old cookbooks.  I have made this before and it is delicious.  Get some apples out and peel them! This is a great pie recipe!  My mom and dad sent me this cookbook and it's a winner.

It's from 1993. ISBN is 0-87197-387-2
Here's the recipe :

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mmmm-Mmmm at The Lady and Sons!

Sharing a little more of my Savannah experience...because we're all "foodies" here!  Let me just say, the buffet at Paula Deen's place is delicious!  We were seated on the third floor which was a very cozy space.   Both the food and service were great...and everyone gets a dessert.  You have a choice of peach cobbler, banana pudding or gooey butter cake...oh, my!!

Here's a glance at that menu...
You can order from the menu, or get the buffet so you can try some of everything! I recommend this approach!  (Also, the dessert comes with the buffet!)

I know this looks bad...but I didn't get seconds!  I had to save room for cobbler!

Two people who have...lots of personality!
Miss Y'all!  Have a great week!