Friday, June 20, 2014

My summer project

The birds and other critters haven't eaten my tomato plants...yet!   That's amazing!
Awww...just look at "Ernie" and "Bert"!  I think they need staked already!

And here's our robins' nest in the holly tree earlier this spring.

Come, sit down and enjoy the shade on my back porch!  Would  you like an iced tea?

I've been enjoying the summer weather and thought I would share some photos of my outside  hobby!  I'm a trial-and-error kinda gardener, but I really enjoy flowers on my porch and in our yard.  Luckily, I have my vintage gardening reference books to help me out.  Believe me, I need them...often!

  Our baby robins from the backyard have now  flown the nest, but I have butterflies and a very plump hummingbird that likes to linger around these bright pink flowers.  The hummingbird is camera shy (nah!  He's just too fast for me!)

Hope you, too, are getting  outside and enjoying the, "sunshine on your shoulders"! (John Denver)
Have a sunny, peaceful summer!

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