Friday, May 15, 2015

3-Ingredient BBQ Ham Sandwiches

  We've had a busy week!  I know you have those busy times, too.  That's why I thought I would share a super easy sandwich recipe;  we can all use another easy recipe in our files, right?! 
  My mom first made these hot sandwiches for our family as I was growing up, and then I fixed them over the years for my sons (notice, I didn't say,"family" because my,"picky eater" doesn't like them).  Everyone else is a fan!  Get out your skillet!

BBQ Ham Sandwiches
-1 lb. chipped or shaved deli ham
-1 regular-sized can Hunts Manwich 
-brown sugar to taste (about1/2 C)

Dissolve brown sugar into sauce in a non-stick skillet.  Add ham and cook until hot. Sauce will start to caramelize.  Serve on buns.  You're done! 
Oh, OK!  Add some carrot and celery sticks or a pickle to dress the plate up!

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