Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Favorite!

We were served a tangy, delicious, chopped salad at a dinner we attended last night that was so good that I immediately jotted down all of the ingredients on a card as soon as we got home! (My thoughtful husband, noticing how much I enjoyed it, asked one of the servers what dressing was used.) I wanted to share this refreshing taste combination with you.

Chopped Salad

Chopped Romaine lettuce
Chopped Napa (purple) cabbage
Diced Granny Smith? (or sour green apple)
Chopped walnuts
Crumbled Blue Cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

Toss chopped ingredients with dressing and chill. Mound onto salad plates, sprinkle edges of plate with finely-cut parsley. Top each mound with a cherry tomato. Chill until serving time. (This is my best guess at how this delicious salad was put together.) I plan to try to re-create this salad here at home sometime soon; it would be great with "grilled whatever" for Memorial Day!

I will be at these recipe swaps today:



  1. That sounds delicious and refreshing. Love the combination of sour green apples with blue cheese.

  2. I don't believe I've ever had this. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  3. Oooh yum! Sounds like a great mix of flavors. I need to make this one and soon!!

  4. I love the apple in it! I don't usually put apple in my salads but I'll bet it's great. I love it in chicken salad though. Thanks!