Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ready to Talk Turkey

Oh my goodness, it was a busy summer and fall around our homestead. If you're one of the folks who check my blog out once in a while, then you probably realize that I've been missing. Some of you might have enjoyed my absence while others just counted it as a little something that was missing from their morning coffee break. This summer, we sold a home and bought another home within a one month span. It was a move that was just amazing, logistically-speaking. While we are now "settled" in the new house, we still have some boxes here and there, garages that are full, pictures that need hung and tile grout that waits to be sealed. These items will all be accomplished in time, but I had to return to the blog; I've missed chatting with you every day. I hope that your summer and fall were filled with great moments. Because, after all, that's what life is made up of.....several great moments.

My new home has a nice kitchen and I'm all set to cook my first Thanksgiving meal in this new place. I'm thawing a 20-pound turkey that I bought at Albertson's. Oldest son, Justin, will be making the green bean casserole, Blake will tackle the stuffing and Ben will make pumpkin pies. I've got to find the roaster (which is tucked away in one of the garages) and get it washed up. Tomorrow will be busy, but I look forward to Thanksgiving all year. I will get my holiday scrapbook of recipes off the shelf, so look for a recipe to show up on here tomorrow. You know that I believe recipes should be shared! Thanks for sharing your time with me every day on this blog. I count my readers when I count my blessings. Happy holidays. ~Marcia

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