Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chilled French Bean Salad

When I lived in Oklahoma, a few years back, one of the older ladies at our first church invited a few ladies to her home for a luncheon.  I was one of the lucky card-holders!  Darlene Bridges was a very interesting, well- spoken woman who was a frequent traveler and, an excellent hostess, so to say that I,  "enjoyed the luncheon"  is an understatement. The other ladies and I had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and chat in the living room while Darlene put the finishing touches on the salads (yes, she served in courses!)   When she called us to the table each place was set with this pretty little salad.  The plates were chilled, the iced tea was perfection and the rest of the meal delicious, as well,  but this salad was so simple, yet impressive!  As Darlene slipped into her chair, she said, with that smile that seemed to light up her whole face, "Now, I want each of you to share with us how you came to meet your husband."  She sat enjoying the stories of much younger women relaying the moments that meant so much to them.  At the end, the lady, who had been widowed for years shared her own story.  It was sweet and funny and told as only Darlene could tell a story.  Today's salad recipe is the salad  that we enjoyed that day:

Darlene Bridge's French Bean Salad

1 can French green beans, chilled and drained well on paper towels
Thick slices of a red summer tomato
Hellman's Mayo

Chill salad plates!  Place thick slice of tomato on each one.  Mound French green beans on top and put small dollop of mayo on top of the green beans.  Serve while plates are still chilled.   

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great weekend and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  2. This sounds delish!! Thanks for sharing. Linda

  3. Mrs. Bridges sounds like a wonderful hostess. Who knew that 3 simple ingredients would make such a delicious salad?

    Thanks for joining us for Let's Get Social Sunday! :)

    Love, Joy @