Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Shovelers' Breakfast

  We finally got snow here in NWA!  It's enough snow to cover the grass, and when you live in a southern state, that's cause for rejoicing!  Of course, with snow always comes the job of shoveling out the driveway and sidewalk.
  Yesterday morning, three of my four guys tackled that time-consuming (bitter cold) job of clearing snow from the pavement!  We have 2 shovels, so they worked in shifts.  This snow had icy slush mixed in so it was heavy.  
  I say that after that kind of early morning job, each shoveler should get to choose his own breakfast entree (I don't make this offer all of the time-breakfast is a messy meal!

Here's how it went!  Dana chose Cocoa Wheats, toast and milk (love that man!  So agreeable...so easy!). No photos-Cocoa Wheats are not an attractive breakfast food;  it looks like a bowl of brown mush!  Justin chose a plain cheese omelet with salsa (he's a purist when it comes to food).  And then there's Ben...

  Ben had 2 entrees (he's a typical youngest!). He started with chocolate chip pancakes and finished with a full-on Spanish omelet with every vegetable from my crisper drawer! 
  It was a fun morning.  Even Miss Abbey, our dog, enjoyed the snow...oh! And she liked her made-to-order eggs, of course!


  1. We are buried under a foot of snow! I surprised my special snow shoveler with nutella filled crepes.