Thursday, March 3, 2016

Aunt Hazel's Copper Penny Salad

When I was a newlywed (a long time 
ago!) my aunt, Hazel Bell, would send me great recipes to add to my little wooden recipe box.  I was happy for the bits of cooking help, and she was good at regularly sending letters and recipes from her retirement village in Arizona. 
  Aunt Hazel and Uncle Clarence moved from Ohio to Arizona upon their retirement.  They were a very social couple, and at one point were voted "King"  and  "Queen" of the village!  I have a picture of them at a picnic, sitting in lawn chairs, proudly wearing their crowns.  I think there were lots of picnics, BBQs, and golf outings in that place!  She had lots of occasions to swap recipes with other,"seasoned" cooks.  
  I always knew that if a recipe came in one of Aunt Hazel's letters, it was a keeper!  This salad that I'm sharing with you is her pickled carrot salad that she called,"Copper Pennies".  (It's best made a couple of days ahead of when you plan to serve it.)

Peeling the carrots is the most time-consuming part of this recipe!

I like my carrots and celery in nice chunky pieces.  I just slice the onions and green pepper into thin slices.

I mix the marinade in the container (with a lid) that I plan to store the salad in until I put it in a serving dish.  

This salad is better the longer it chills in the fridge!

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