Friday, March 11, 2016

Pickled Beets Make a Great Easter Side!

Easter is just around the corner!  As the daffodils pop through the mulch and robins swoop back and forth as they build their nests, I start thinking about some of my favorite springtime recipes.  One of the recipes that holds fond memories for me is for Harvard Beets.  It was shared with me years ago by a sweet elderly friend from our church family in Charleston.  
  Here's Miss Ona's wonderful recipe for pickled beets.  She called them,"Harvard Beets".  Enjoy!

Before you drain those beets, make sure to reserve some of that beautiful juice for the sauce!

You can stir your sauce ingredients with a spoon as they thicken, but I find that a wisk works better!

Once you combine the beets and sauce, you can serve them warm or chill them for several hours (my favorite way to eat them!)


  1. I love beets and your recipe sounds great. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna try it. Pinning it.


  2. Thanks, Fabby, this is a great make-ahead dish! Happy holidays!