Friday, June 17, 2016

Two Chicken Salads and a Fresh-Tasting Coleslaw!

I tried this recipe from Southern Living yesterday and found it is a twist on the usual coleslaw!  (It has fresh lemon juice in the dressing). I thought I would post it because not only does it have a fresh taste, but the dressing has less fat than most slaw recipes.

You should try this one, but make sure that it's well-chilled before serving!
  Also, I had a request from a friend of mine for my favorite chicken salad recipe.  I promised to share my favorite hot version and my favorite cold version.  Here you go, Cathy!

Hot Chicken Salad 
Juanita Covert

Cold Chicken Salad
Bible of Southern Cooking

Both of these recipes are excellent! 
 (I'm still searching my file boxes for that Kroger's Deli recipe that has red grapes, pecans and sour cream.  I know that it's here...somewhere!  Will post it as soon as I find it, Cathy!)

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