Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got Buns?

I like to use up extra hotdog buns or hamburger buns. You know, the two or three extras that get tossed into the fridge and then get thrown out when you leave them there too long? Well, after you have enough accumulated you can do a couple of things to use them up. One trick of mine is to place the bun halves on a Pam-sprayed(I prefer Olive Oil Pam) cookie sheet, butter thinly and top with a little garlic salt and parsley. Brown these in a 350-375 degree oven. These are perfect with spaghetti. I also use up my leftover buns by spreading them with pizza or spaghetti sauce, cheese and whatever else you enjoy as a pizza topping. Place on greased cookie sheets and brown in 350 degree oven. There you have a quick lunch or snack! You have the satisfaction of knowing that you made something delicious and no buns were wasted!

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