Monday, January 26, 2009

Team Up On Meal Ideas With One Piece of Meat

Monday is always my busiest day for homekeeping chores. That's the day that I change and wash all bed linens and catch-up from the weekend. I usually put something in the oven to roast on low all day, or something in my big crockpot to cook all day. Tonight, we're having a pork roast, for example. Then, I'll have leftover, shredded pork to use in stir-fry with rice, and pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with coleslaw later in the week! That's two more meals out of the same roast, and the meat's cooked and all ready to go! The frugal part of this idea is that I bought three pork roasts on sale when they marked them down after New Years Day. I got Hormel pork for $1.69 lb. and froze it. I bought turkeys the same way when they went for the cheapest price at Thanksgiving. Ditto on Spiral ham after Christmas! Gotta go for now. My laundry is calling!

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