Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Defend Your Garden! Plants to Keep the Bugs Away

Not only do I save old clippings from magazines on cooking, but also on gardening, as I'm sure many of you do. I've been trying to defend my little patch of vegetables, herbs and weeds (well, they are thriving!) in the backyard. Yesterday, I came upon an old clipping that I had stuck in one of my gardening books before the cross-country move. I believe it is from a Woman's Day magazine from who-knows-when. It lists plants that keep pests away.


-Garlic plant: Keeps aphids and Japanese Beetles away and is effective against fruit-tree borers. It also repels mice and moles

-Onion plant: Repels mice, moles and cabbage butterflies

-Mint: Plant around the house to deter ants.

-Tansy: Repels ants, Japanese Beetles and mosquitoes.

-Thyme: Plant in the vegetable garden to repel cabbage worms.


-Basil: Repels flies and mosquitoes.

-Marigold: Plant in a row next to bean plants to deter beetles.

-Spinach: Plant in the garden to repel slugs

It also provided a list of perennials that are water-thrifty:

-Blanket flower
-Butterfly weed
-Evening Primrose
Jerusalem Artichoke
New England Aster
-Oxeye Daisy
-Purple Coneflower

Hope this is helpful to all of you "practicing gardeners" like me ('practicing' meaning that I practice all the time at trying to keep the plants alive) and not too annoying to the experts among us! Have a good Wednesday.
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  1. This looks like it will be a handy list to have. I'll have to print it out. Thanks! Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Elaine :)