Monday, July 6, 2009

Join My New Followers List....Please!

What a great holiday weekend, but now it's Monday and time to get back to the business of menu planning and ...laundry (how is that not a four-letter word?!)

I want to say a big hi and thank-you to my first "follower" listed...Sharon from Florida! Ben re-did my blog decorations and added a little follower gizmo on the side. Sharon is the first brave soul to click it and be associated with Frugalhomekeeping; I thank you and my dog, the editorial assistant, thanks you.

If any of you other readers don't mind to admit that you read us, you can simply click the "followers" button down on the right hand side; it doesn't obligate you in any way to sharing money or recipes! In fact you can just give your first name; I completely understand your hesitancy to click any thing new on the computer (especially if you're a computer newby like me.) Every time it asks me for my name and address, I freak out and ask the 15-year-old for advice and also if there are any legal obligations...and who will see the info that I provide! Completely computer-phobic! It's just a way to count my followers and encourage me to keep writing the blog (some sunny summer days that is needed!)

We have a pretty normal week around here this week so the menu is normal, as well:

Monday, July 6

Baked Cod w/ Tarragon
Hash browns w/ Vidalia onions
Green beans

Tuesday July 7


Wednesday, July 8

Baked Steak in crock pot
Mashed potatoes

Thursday, July 9

Roasted Lamb
Broccoli Rice

Friday July 10

BBQ chicken
Tater tots
Vegetable plate

Saturday July 11

BLTs w/ fried egg on toast

Lamb kabobs on grill
Macaroni and cheese

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