Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Plan and Book Review

Sorry that I missed you again this past Friday. That makes two Fridays in a row when I didn't get to post my blog. I may need to start getting my Old Cookbook Review done early and just putting it in early Friday when I wake up; before the day picks up speed!

To be honest, the cookbook that I had read and planned to use this past Friday was The Mandrell Family Cookbook and it wasn't going to be a very positive review, not because it doesn't have some good recipes shared by the Mandrell Sisters and families, but because it is poorly-written. I found it self-serving for the author, one of the Mandrell Sister's children. He's a chef in New York and I got the impression that this was just another way to make some extra his family's celebrity. If you're a country music fan, however, you might enjoy his stories of childhood spent, in part, on a tour bus, and photos of his famous "Uncle Ralph" Emery who went skiing with the Mandrells frequently in Aspen (along with other photos of famous pals, Minnie Pearl, Sarge and Eunice Shriver and Senator Frist).

As I've said, the recipes are good, in spite of the writing style of the book. There is an unusual recipe in the book for roasting a turkey; it's seasoned with Lemon Pepper and the outside of the bird is wrapped in bacon for roasting (Virginia Terry's Alabama Turkey on page 36). This book was published by Rutledge Hill Press in 1999 and its author is Matthew Dudney. The ISBN is 1-55853-752-x.

Here's my menu plan for the week:

Monday , Oct. 25

Chicken Fajitas
fried corn (leftover from Sat. grill)
fruit plate

Tuesday, Oct. 26

Ziti Alfredo with Tuna

Wednesday, Oct. 27 Ladies' Class Salad Lunch at church-Caesar Salad

Potato Soup
Toasted Ham and Cheese on Onion Buns (lettuce and tomato)

Thursday, Oct. 28

Baked Fish
hash browns w/ onions
steamed broccoli
cinnamon sweet potatoes

Friday, Oct. 29

Pot Roast w/ vegetables
hot rolls

Saturday, Oct. 30 Trick-or-Treat

Oatmeal and toast

Homemade pizzas
Oreo Graveyard Dessert

Sunday, Oct. 31

Spaghetti w/meatballs
garlic toast

Leftover Buffet!

I will be at OrgJunkie today for MPM.


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