Monday, February 6, 2012

My Weekly Menu Plan

I've got plenty to do today and have to get off to a running start, so here's my menu for the week. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a recipe that lets you make your own "Pillsbury-type" freezer biscuits. I love the convenience of biscuits that go from freezer -to-oven, and these have no preservatives and are cheaper! Look for that recipe on here in the morning. Have a great day!

Monday, Feb. 6
Chicken Sloppy Joes (search my archives)
Hash Brown Casserole

Tues., Feb. 7
Vegetable Stew

Wed., Feb. 8
Blueberry pancakes
Fruit plate

Thurs., Feb. 9
Vegetable plate

Fri., Feb. 10
Grilled steak with mushrooms and onions
mashed potatoes

Sat., Feb. 11
French toast
link sausage
citrus plate

Eat out

Sun., Feb. 12
Toasted turkey/Provolone sandwiches
Lettuce/tomato/red onion
baby carrots

Leftover Buffet!


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