Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MawMaw's Milk Gravy Over Biscuits

With all of the cold weather and snow that we've had lately, I decided that we needed some comfort food!  Nothing better than  milk gravy and crumbled bacon over biscuits.
My mother-in-law, Louise, was the pro of gravy-making;  she reared 5 breakfast-hungry children!  
I was fortunate enough to watch her make gravy for breakfast when we visited them after we were married.  She could whip up a batch of this gravy while chatting on the phone and herding grand babies through her kitchen and away from the stove!  I, however, have to give it my full attention-no distractions!  Like most good cooks, Louise's most memorable dishes had no exact recipe...they were handed down from watching her mother, Violet.  So, there are no exact measurements here.  Good luck!  Better yet, maybe you are lucky enough to have an experienced gravy-maker in your family :). Go watch over their shoulder as they make it!

Milk Gravy
 1 pound of bacon(until crisp)in a large cast iron skillet.  Remove bacon and drain on paper towels. While bacon drippings are still hot, sprinkle white, all purpose flour, a little at a time, and stir in with a slotted spatula until smooth but not pastey(amount of flour is according to amount of drippings-aprox. 1/2 C).  Add milk slowly while stirring constantly.  Skillet should be 3/4 full.  When it comes to a bubbly-all-over state,  turn heat to low and, "let work".  When it's thickened, salt and pepper it to your taste.  Pour over biscuits that are hot out of the oven.  Crumble bacon on top.  Call the kids to the table!

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