Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quick Corn Fritters!

One day last week, my youngest son was telling me about some great fried cornball-type things that he and his brother had enjoyed at a lunch place in Illinois.  From the description I could tell they were similar to what I've always called,"corn fritters"!  I told him that my way of fixing fritters is really easy.  We got out the skillet and had a cooking lesson!

1.  Mix your favorite pancake or buckwheat cake mix up according to the recipe or package directions.  Mix in some canned or fresh corn (jalapeño peppers may be diced into this batter, as well). 
  Here, for ours, we used complete pancake mix from SAM'S and a little cornmeal(about 1/4 C).  We mixed the pancake mix according to directions, added the cornmeal and a little extra milk because of the addition of the meal.

2.  Get some butter hot in your skillet.

3.  Pour spoonfuls of batter into the skillet.  Make each fritter about the size of a regular jar lid.  Leave space around each to fry for a crispy edge.  Let bubbles form, and flip halfway through cooking.

You can top these with just butter, or maple syrup or agave, but we loved this raspberry-jalapeño jelly that we bought at the Bentonville Farmer's Market on top of ours!  You can get creative with your toppings.  These fritters are great for breakfast, brunch or lunch!!

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