Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Easiest, Fastest, Birthday Cake You Will Ever Make!

  Just when you thought that my desserts couldn't get any simpler, I plan to show you that they can!  Our son, Justin, has a birthday coming up and he loves ice cream cake!  
  Now, I admit that have bought ready-made ice cream cakes in the past, and have made homemade ice cream cakes in the past, but this version is less messy, less expensive and less time-consuming.  If it's as delicious as it looks...this recipe will go in my keeper box!!
  I'm sharing pictures of the foolproof process.  This would be great for a children's party, because you make it ahead and freeze it.  Also, it would be very easy to adapt it to bigger groups.  Just buy more ice cream bars and make your layers larger!  It's also ideal for a small family because you can just use 1 box (any flavor) of ice cream sandwiches as I did.

You will need:
1 box of 12 ice cream sandwiches
1 bottle of chocolate ice cream syrup or topping
1 bottle of caramel ice cream syrup or topping
1 can of vanilla icing
Colored sprinkles
1.  Spread 6 of the ice cream sandwiches side by side on the bottom of a covered cake container that can go in the freezer.  Cover with a thin layer of caramel syrup (this is the "glue").
2.  Cover with the sprinkles.
3.  Now, add that second layer of 6 ice cream sandwiches.
4.  Use the can of vanilla icing to frost the outside of the I'm half-way done.
5. Drizzle chocolate syrup and then the caramel over the top.
6.  Use sprinkles (additional decorations are optional).  Put the top on your container and put the ice cream cake in the freezer for a day.
You're done!!  Once you throw the ice cream wrappers away, there is no mess! You now have extra time to wrap your gift and search your kitchen cupboards for those birthday candles that you only use a few times each year!  Enjoy!

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