Sunday, January 10, 2016

Easy Baking Tips

  Like anyone who bakes frequently, I employ a few shortcuts and ways to make clean-up easier.  I thought of sharing a couple of these with you as I faced my Christmas cookie and fudge-making marathon, but I was just too busy to write the post!  This is precisely why I need shortcuts!
  As you can see in the above picture, after I've chilled my dough, whether it's pie dough, sugar cookie dough or gingerbread, I cut it in sections and place a ball of it between two sheets of Saran Wrap.  Then, rolling from the center out, I make a thin circle of dough using my rolling pin.  Just peel back the top layer of plastic wrap and you're ready to make your cut-outs!  No flour-covered counters!  And, no extra flour on your dough to make it tough!

You can even use the bottom plastic to neatly lift the cut cookie shape off the counter!

Here's the same process with sugar cookie dough!

Oh!  Here's that sugar cookie recipe!

When making fudge, I always butter the rim of my heavy pan so that my fudge never boils over!

Also, using a pizza cutter to cut your fudge makes for quick and straight edges!

I always use my pastry cutter to blend nuts and other ingredients for streusel!

When making toffee, let the heat of the brittle layer melt your chocolate.  Then just smooth out the melted chocolate chips with a spatula or butter knife!

I hope you find at least one of the tips helpful!  Happy baking!

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