Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Vintage Kitchenware Adventure

While I was window shopping in Savannah, Georgia, I happened upon this quirky, wonderful little store.  I know that several of you enjoy vintage kitchen gadgets, too, so I wanted to share.  I especially love their creative art of display!
Don't you just love the hanging mobile made of old kitchen items(pictured above)?!

I was lucky enough to own two Crock Pots just like these, thanks to my mom!  I passed the orange/red one to my son, Justin.  He has been using it since college!  The other one that I have is the harvest green and brown one next to the red one.

(I think I need a linen Texas tea towel!)

A cute little lamp made of tea cups and a teapot!  Clever!

Colanders riding in an old laundry cart!

Even the front windows had a border of vintage advertisements!


  1. Wow! Kitchen heaven my friend. Wish I was there, so much fun!!
    I still have an old crack pot. I love the tartan thermoses; I had one many years ago but fell and broke. Fun post, thanks.

  2. I wish you had been along! What a fun place to shop with kitchen-loving friends!