Thursday, February 26, 2009

Olive Juice Cleans Grout

There's some commercial on T.V. that says, "Life comes at you fast," but today, after a trip to the grocery store, I found that sometimes in the homemaking game unexpected cleaning tips come at you fast. Who knew you could clean your tile grout with olive juice?!

I had just come from the grocery store this morning, and had set my bags on the kitchen counter in hopes of unloading the goods into the cabinets, when I found a Labrador Retriever sitting on my foot expecting her treat for being good while I was away. Stormy thinks she's been "good" if the house is still standing in the same place when I arrive. Her assessment of the situation, as usual, was that her treat should be addressed as soon as I was in the door. Therefore, she was sitting on my foot and nudging me with her nose as a reminder. I turned to get something out of one of the bags, without moving my one foot, of coarse, when a jar of olives slid out and crashed on the tile floor.

As it turned out, Stormy got her way by default, because she had to be given her treat and put in the laundry room so she wouldn't step in the glass. Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen scooping up olives and juice. What a strong smell! If I were having any sinus congestion this morning, believe me, it has cleared.

Anyway, as I started wiping the juice up with my paper towel, I noticed that it had whitened my grout. I guess if you could stand the smell, it might be worth saving that jar of leftover olive juice. It must be the vinegar in it, but it only took seconds. I was amazed. If I could change the scent we could sell it as Stormy's Awesome Floor Cleaner.

I Wonder if this is how the guy on T.V. with all the infomercials got started? Maybe the reason he is so excitable and loud is because his dog is "helping" him discover new products. I hope that my story made you smile; have a great Thursday, and don't let your dog push you around!

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  1. Hi Marcia-Thanks for stumbling upon my bog! If vinegar makes things clean, then my insides are spic n' span!