Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Organizing Cards, Stamps and Envelopes

My Mom has always been a woman with clever ideas. She loves to find unique items at yard sales and auctions and use them in interesting and innovative ways. Just recently, over the phone, she told me about a little antique drop leaf desk that she just found a use for. This little desk has been in the family for quite some time. Although it is very cute, it is also delicate and small. When you pull the front leaf down, the inside is like an old secretary with slots and lots of space to organize things. Mom is very good at sending cards for birthdays, illness, etc. to family members, as well as folks at church. She has put all of her cards, stamps, return labels, envelopes and pens in the slots of the desk. Now, anytime that she needs to write someone a note, or just send a card, she's ready. Everything she needs is in one convenient spot. Sometimes, I think the tediousness is what keeps me from good intentions-just thinking about where I've stuck my postage stamps and where the cards are, wears me down and I think, "oh, I'll do that later!" " Later," needless to say, I often forget to send the card in time. When I asked Mom if I could share her idea on my blog, she said she didn't mind at all. This great idea would work with any small piece of furniture that has slots, drawers or cubby holes. In fact I use an old smoker's chest (or humidor) to store cds . It holds several. Keep these tips in mind at the next yard sale or auction.

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