Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Summertime Fun That Lasts a Lifetime

There is a source of summertime fun in your neighborhood that is absolutely free. You don't find valuable, free sources of entertainment everyday. If you have children, ones old enough to sit up, all the way through high school age, you definitely need to take advantage of this freebie! It's called the Public Library.

Every summer, most of the public libraries offer summer reading/listening programs for children; all you have to do is apply for a library card, and once you get it , take them to sign up. It's that easy! They will probably be given a card or booklet , in which you can list the books as you read them to your child (for the very young) or as they read them for themselves. After a certain number of books are read, there's usually some kind of reward; a small prize or their name put in a drawing for a larger prize. The rules and rewards vary from place to place, but you get the idea. The real reward for your children is the beginning of a love of reading that will last a lifetime! The bonus is all of the great memories your children will have of summer trips to the library, and the fun programs they enjoy there.

That's right, many of the library's summer reading programs include a schedule of live performances including different subjects throughout the summer. Many summers ago, I took my sons to Snakes Alive at the library where a snake expert shared his knowledge and his live snake exhibit; they got to help hold a huge snake and learn about the differences in poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, and what to look for (great before summer camping season!) . We've been to a drum concert, where the children got to try out the different instruments; a 911 Emergency exhibit where firemen and EMTs came and showed their life-saving equipment, and the children got to try on parts of the fireman's gear; a library "boot camp" where a National Guard drill sargent put them "through their paces" and later they had their faces painted in camo design; and one of their favorite experiences was when Abe Lincoln and his wife, Mary, showed up to talk to them about earlier times in American history. For the younger folks there's usually a "Story Hour" or" P.J. Time" with a Children's Librarian or volunteer reading stories aloud. This is wonderful for younger children; it builds their excitement and anticipation of their upcoming reading experience. The folks at local libraries are creative and they know what interests children. The offerings will vary from summer to summer, but you can be assured that your children will find something they like, even the teenagers. Don't be surprised if they beg to sign up every year!

The theme of this year's Summer Reading Club here in Lawton is: Be Creative@Your Library and is going on from May 25th through August 7th. The main library is located at 110 SW 4th Street. You can call (580)581-3450, ext 5 for more information

There is also a summer movie schedule on Fridays and craft classes every other Thursday. One class is available for ages 3-11, and one is available for teens, 12-18. You can call the number above or stop by and pick up the info.
See you at the library!


  1. Great post! Next month is book month and I am nervous. Several friends have said their book months were a bomb. But I won't give up...I love reading too much. So I am reaching out to my bloggy friends to get them to contribute. DO you want to do a top five list? It can be any theme (mommy, preschool, potty humor, etc). I hope you can help make this month fantastic.

  2. Nicole, I would love to help! Do you need me to post my top five favorite books on a subject? Is that what you need? Let me know what day you want me to do that. Happy to participate!