Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toasted Turkey Subs and an OSU Cookbook, Oh My!

I'm very excited! Today I get to meet one of my local blog-readers. She emailed me with an offer of her mother's vintage cookbooks and some recipes; what an honor. Ms. Sarah Myers is a former business owner and teacher from this area. One of the cookbooks is an OSU cookbook from the 1920's and I'm already planning to share that book review with you. I, myself, can't wait to read it! I'm getting ready to go so I will just give one recipe today. This is how I make toasted turkey subs:

Toasted Turkey Subs:

Leftover turkey or deli turkey
slices of provolone cheese
Heart Smart margarine
tomato slices
red onion, slice very thin
olive oil cooking spray
white or wheat sub buns

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray cookie sheet w/ olive oil spray. Halve buns and layer them on pan. Spread insides w/ margarine. Put in oven until just starting to brown lightly. Pull tray out and place cheese slices on bottom halves of buns only.
Put back into oven until cheese melts a little. Pull out, stack w/ turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo; little salt and pepper, also, if you like. My husband loves this sandwich.


  1. Hi Marcia, Your kind words are making me blush. It was a real pleasure getting to know you and your son. Thank you so much for the gift,the sweet card and visit.It is good to find a friend!
    I hope you enjoy the books and etc. They certainly did somethings differently in the "olden days" and some are the same today. I am looking forward to seeing how you use this knowledge in your blog. Sarah

  2. I think they were even more frugal back in the day! I love the sugar rations booklet!