Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Menu-Week of Dec. 7

Thank a WWII Vet for your freedom!

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants in this weekend's Wichita Mountain Classic. The young people who show those beautiful animals have a real grasp of the concepts of responsibility, determination, and what it means to have goals. A big "Thank You" to the wonderful volunteers and sponsors who make the show possible every year!

We enjoyed a very busy weekend. Between the Wichita Mountain Classic and St. Barbara's Ball, we didn't slow down much! We wrapped-up the weekend on Sunday evening by relaxing and reacquainting ourselves with our family over pizza (yes, we happily broke from the "leftover buffet" tradition this week). Now, I have to get back to my usual Monday list of projects with some holiday items thrown into the list (I'm proud to say that I'm almost done with the Christmas cards!)

Monday, Dec. 7

BBQ Chicken Breasts
Macaroni and Cheese
Caesar Salad
Glazed Lemon Cake

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Fiesta Meatloaf
Scalloped Potatoes
Green beans

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Ham and Pinto Beans
Corn Bread
(Crescent Dogs)

Thursday, Dec. 10

Blueberry Pancakes
Turkey bacon

Friday, Dec. 11

Garlic toast

Saturday, Dec. 12

Grilled Pork chops
baked potatoes
Broccoli and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken (for guys)
carrots/celery sticks w/dip

Sunday, Dec. 13

Chicken and Noodles
mashed potatoes
Spinach Casserole

Leftover Buffet

I will be at Orgjunkie for MPM today.

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration. Wonder why we are having chicken and mac and cheese tomorrow? LOL