Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bride's Cake from 1879

Here's a wedding cake recipe from 1879's Housekeeping in Old Virginia. Check out the number of eggs! This was clearly from an age where people had their own chickens!

Page 247 Bride's Cake
Mrs. Horatio Davis

1 pound flour
3/4 pound sugar
1/2 pound butter
Whites of 14 eggs

Cream sugar and butter together, and stir in them, flour and beaten egg whites, very little at a time; one and a half pounds fruit, prepared and mixed with the batter, will make a nice fruit cake.

***Book I'm reading: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee***

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  1. Many of the older cake reciepes seem to have taken lots of eggs. When I was a child, even in town, many people had chickens for eggs and eating. Of corse they didn't know much about cholesteral then. Have a wonderful time with your guests.

  2. I have several recipes that call for at least a dozen eggs (including my thanksgiving dressing recipe).

  3. Wow! That's amazing. Thanks so much for posting to CPW. I hope you will be back to join me next week.