Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu for the Week

On Thursday of this week our friends from WV will arrive for a visit. I'm so excited to see them. They are just loads of fun and we always enjoy our time with them. Julie was my apartment-mate in college, and we've known each other "forever"!

Julie's husband George shares my interest in history, and Dana and Julie like to talk business and politics! (I know that politics are usually not included in polite conversation, but when you're with old friends, that are more like family, it all works!)

I'm going to miss their kids, Caity and Geoff, this time around (they are busy with school and couldn't make the trip). I'm trying to plan food that's not too time-consuming for the time that they are here; we're going to do some sight-seeing and visiting, so I don't want to be tied-up in the kitchen.

Here's my plan:

Monday, March 8

Take-out Pizza
Vegetable plate

Tuesday, March 9

Baked Cod
Hash Brown Casserole
green beans

Wednesday, March 10

Buckwheat Pancakes
Turkey Bacon

Thursday, March 11 (Julie and George arrive!)

Sirloin Beef Tips and Noodles
Hot Rolls

Friday, March 12

Jimmy Dean D-Lites
Fruit salad

Wheat Pizza
(Veggie/Pepperoni/Ham & Onion)

Saturday, March 13

Irish Oatmeal (crock pot)

Tuna salad on toast

Toasted Turkey and Provolone Hoagies (w/tomato and red onion)
Pasta Salad

Sunday, March 14

cold cereal

BBQ Ham on buns
Vegetable plate

Grilled Chicken over salad
French Bread w/ garlic crust

Monday, March 15

French Toast
Turkey Bacon

Grilled steak
Baked Potatoes
Black Forest Cake

***Book I'm Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee***

I will be at Orgjunkie for MPM today!

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