Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Savory Meat and Potato Pie from 1879

Here's another down-home recipe from Patrick Henry's granddaughter's compilation-style cook book!

Page 182 Potato Pie
Mrs. S.

A savory potato pie is made thus: A layer of mashed potatoes placed in a pie dish and then slices of any cold (cooked) meat (if chicken or veal, slices of ham or tongue {oooh!} may be added), and herbs, pepper and salt sprinkled over to taste. Continue these layers alternately till the dish is full; the potatoes must well cover the top, which should have some butter added, and be brushed over with the yolk of an egg, and put into the oven till done through. A little butter on each layer is needed if the meat is not fat, and it should not be too fat.

I'm off to Ladies' Class and a salad luncheon. Enjoy your day!

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