Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Irish Potato Salad Recipe from 1879

On Friday, my Old Cook Book Review was Housekeeping in Old Virginia, written in 1879 by Marion Cabell Tyree (Patrick Henry's granddaughter). Since then, some readers have requested that I share more recipes from the book. I agree that the really old cook books are my favorites, as well. This week I will sort out some useable recipes (not "Sheep's Head Soup" or "Sweetbreads of Hog Pudding"!) from the book.

The recipe for today is a wee bit unusual, though, in that it is a potato salad which uses no mayonnaise. I think that this salad would be ideal for someone who's trying to watch calories, or someone like our friend, George (who's coming to visit) who doesn't like the taste of mayo.

Page 168 Irish Potato Salad

Cut ten or twelve cold boiled potatoes into small pieces. Put into a salad bowl with-
-4 TBSP vinegar
-4 TBSP best salad oil
-1 tsp minced parsley
-Pepper and salt to taste

Stir all well that they may be thoroughly mixed; it should be made several hours before putting on the table.
Throw in bits of pickle, cold fowl (that's chicken to us Southerners!), a garnish of grated cracker, and hard-boiled eggs.

-Mrs. C. V. McGee, Alabama

***Book I'm reading: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee***

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  1. What a neat thing to share these old recipes!

  2. Oh that is totally the Irish potato salad recipe. It looks just like the potato salad my grandma used to make.

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