Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deck Sandwiches with Honey Mustard

My youngest son attended a Christian preschool when he was little, and this recipe came from the school letter that was sent home every month. The school calendar/brag page and update letter on school news included a "recipe of the month" from the school cooks. I haven't figured out why these are called "Deck" sandwiches (maybe because it looks like a stack?!), but they sound like they would make a good side to a bowl of soup!

Deck Sandwiches
Teays Valley Christian (Go Lions!)
Ms. Liz Peters

1 Loaf of Hawaiian Bread (store deli)
1 package sliced ham
1 package sliced Swiss cheese

Mary's Honey Mustard

1 C mustard
Honey to taste
Mayonnaise to thicken

Slice bread and toast. Add ham and cheese. Top with Mary's Honey Mustard, and enjoy!

I will be at LifeasMom for the recipe swap today.


  1. This sounds easy and delicious--my kinda recipe!

  2. Maybe you're supposed to eat them on a deck? Hmmm...I wonder.