Friday, January 15, 2010

Down Home With The Neeley's

Our cookbook today is a great book to own if you like Southern-style barbecue! The Neely's, of Food Network fame, are now authors. I love their show, so I had to give their cookbook a look. Paula Deen's boys discovered the Neelys while doing their their travel/food show for the Food Network. Like "Cooking with Paula Deen", you can't watch the Neely's show without coming away from it feeling like you've been visiting "family". They have a passion for cooking, family and barbecue; what a powerful combination!

This book is a compilation of all the things that make their cooking show enjoyable to watch. Included in the book are pictures of both sides of their family, past and present and family recipes that sound unbeatable.

I have high hopes that most of the recipes in this cookbook are ones that I will put in my "favorites box". I've noticed that we make our Deviled Eggs recipe basically the same way (drops of hot sauce in the filling). I'm already planning to try the BBQ Seasoning recipe to rub on my pork before making Pulled Pork BBQ, and then slathering it in the Neely's BBQ Sauce that they are so generous to share the recipe for!

I'm not going to give a sample recipe today, since this book is new and just hit the shelves recently. I will tell you that you can find it almost anywhere; I saw it at Sam's this morning!

I'm very anxious to try out these down-home recipes for family favorites. Hope you will, too. Thanks Neely's for sharing your recipes for your "famous 'cue" and also the family stories and pictures! It's a delightful book.

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  1. I just got the book too. Can't wait for summer to arrive so I can put it to good use!


  2. I watch the Neeley's all the time on Food Network. I'm putting the book on my list.

  3. I have no doubt that it is a wonderful cookbook. I enjoy watching the Neeley's on the Food Network.

  4. They seem to have good recipes but their personal iteraction just gets on my nerves

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