Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bamboo Shoot Salad

I felt inspired this morning! Got up early and made scrambled eggs & bacon, blueberry muffins with a Starbuck 's coffee for the "grande finale"! My youngest son, Ben got me a bag of the newest flavor of coffee and a "grande" mug for my birthday, and I've been giving both a workout. As I was sorting through recipes this morning, I found this interesting-sounding salad that I'm excited to try. Lettuce gets boring and I like any salad that includes chicken. I hope that you like this idea, too.

Bamboo Shoot Salad
(Princess Khampan, wife of Ambassador to Laos 1963)

2 cans of bamboo shoots (in water)
1 red pepper
1 breast of chicken
garlic powder

1-shred bamboo in long, fine pieces
2-wash in arm water-squeeze out all water
3-boil chicken (or pork) (or use Tyson grilled strips-2011 version!)
4-add red pepper, chopped in fine pieces, also
5-add garlic powder, a little onion and salt (according to taste)
6-mix up together. Serves 4

Have a great Thursday! I will be at these swaps today:

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  1. Hm...creative and interesting idea to use bambbo shoot in salad.

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