Monday, January 31, 2011

First Week of February Menu

This morning I ran some quick errands because we have a winter storm watch here for the next few days (after enjoying mid-70's last week!). So after the morning school drop-off, I went to the grocery store, dropped off books at the library and returned a movie. While I was rushing through the grocery store picking up what we needed, I spotted frozen turkey breasts for 25 cents a pound; I bought three to stash in my freezer. In honor of my great find, I'm going to be sorting through my favorite recipes for turkey for next week. Hope you like it. If you have great turkey ideas or suggestions, please leave them in my comments. We will be having my Turkey Provolone and Red Onion Subs for Super Bowl if everything goes as planned. Have a "Super Week"!

Mon., Jan. 31
Rosemary/Garlic Pork Chops
Wild Rice
Wheat rolls

Tues., Feb. 1
Baked Chicken
Pasta Florentine
Wheat rolls

Wed., Feb. 2
Baked Tilapia
Waffle fries
Italian Salad

Thurs., Feb. 3
Stuffed Green Peppers
(Meatballs for Dana)
Mashed Potatoes

Fri., Feb. 4
Pizza and Movie Night
(Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for the weekend)

Sat., Feb. 5
Super Bowl Party in Southlake!
(Turkey Breast in Crock Pot)

Sun., Feb. 6
Turkey Dinner
Mashed potatoes
green beans
cranberry sauce

Turkey Provolone and Red Onion Subs
Lettuce, tomato, pickles
Coke Zero
Chips and Ranch Dip

Join me at Orgjunkie and Momscrazycooking today for more ideas.

***Note: Thanks to Miz Helen for the blog award! Such a nice lady and favorite blogger buddy. She has great recipes at Miz Helen's Country Cottage.***

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