Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pioneer Fruit Candy

Trying to eat healthier? This might be an alternative if you like candy. It's an old recipe that fits today's trend toward whole foods and packing nutrition into small portable bites. It calls for milk chocolate, but you could use dark chocolate, instead (for the antioxidants). Just in time for Valentine's Day candy-making!

Pioneer Fruit Candy

1 lb. raisins
1/2 lb. figs
1/2 lb. dates
1 C stoned prunes
Juice and whole rind of 1 orange (the rind has antioxidants)
1 C walnuts, broken

Grind together fruit, orange rind and nuts. Shape into balls or into flat bars. Candy should be allowed to stand for 24 hours in order to ripen before eating. Dipping these fruit candies in melted milk chocolate makes them exceptionally tasty.

Linda Vee Anderson, Wilburton, OK

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  1. Sounds interesting. I love creative ways to get healthy foods into my kids...I think this might work especially with the chocolate. LOL! Coming over from Prairie Story Recipe Swap. Would love to have you check out my blog and join my carnival on Thursdays. And I currently have a Girl Scout Cookie giveaway going on. Have a great weekend.

    Around My Family Table

  2. A healthy alternative to candy. Sometimes you just crave a sweet snack, this sounds good.