Monday, January 24, 2011

Ben's Birthday Week Menu

My "baby" turns 17 this week! Unbelievable! One minute you're having a phone conversation with his kindergarten teacher about what might have possessed him to throw a roll of paper into one of the toilets in the boys' bathroom at school (he wondered if it would float when some older, more mature 3rd graders suggested it), and the next, he's a smart, responsible and caring 17-year-old. Being our last child, he has put the "exclamation point" on the "sentence" of our child-rearing experience. I wish him a wonderful birthday. Tuesday I will be making one of his favorite meals, Amish Pork Chops (look for it in my archives-May 5, '09).

Mon., Jan. 24
Potato Soup
Roast Beef Sliders w/ red onion and cheese on wheat
Fruit plate

Tues., Jan. 25 Ben's 17th birthday!!
Amish Pork Chops
7 Layer Salad

Wed., Jan. 26
Leftover Potato Soup
Grilled Cheese

Thurs., Jan. 27
Baked Chicken
Parsley Potatoes

Fri., Jan 28

Sat., Jan 29
Cocoa Wheats
Wheat Toast

Baked Fish
Mac and Cheese
Brussels Sprouts

Sun., Jan 30
Garlic Buns
Veg. Plate

I will be joining orgjunkie today for MPM and Momscrazycookin


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