Monday, January 3, 2011

First Week of 2011 Menu

I'm trying to use what I have this week to avoid going to the grocery store at the first of the month (too busy and crowded with other shoppers). We will be using leftover pork (from New Years) in the early part of the week, and leftover brisket from my freezer will make two of the meals later in the week. If all goes according to the plan, I shouldn't have to grocery shop until next week, and that's after coming back from a holiday trip! I've learned to use my large cooler to transport fresh food back and forth when we travel and it saves a run to the grocery store as soon as I get in town. We had a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, some veggies and enough staples to make meals for a week with the meats from my freezer. Here's my plan for the week:

-Mon. Jan. 3
Pork BBQ
Potato Salad

-Tues. Jan. 4
Beef Brisket
Mashed Potatoes

-Wed. Jan. 5

-Thurs. Jan. 6
Au Gratin Potatoes
Green Beans

-Fri. Jan. 7
Blueberry pancakes

-Sat. Jan. 8
Scrambled eggs w/ bacon

Homemade pizza

-Sun. Jan. 9
Beef Stroganoff w/ noodles

Leftover Buffet

I will be at orgjunkie today for MPM.

***Book I'm reading now-Maximize the Moment by T.D. Jakes***

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