Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gardening Tips

I know that it's not my practice to blog on Saturday, but I'm up before the rest of the family and remembered a gardening tip that I meant to share this past week. I'm afraid that if I wait until next week I'll forget; it's sad to have the attention span of a gnat!
When I was down on my hands and knees putting in a couple of pepper plants this past week, I dug the hole, put some water in and then threw in 2 or 3 matches. That's right, matches from a matchbook! Pepper plants like the sulfur. Another tip: don't throw away those old coffee grounds; sprinkle them around your azalea bushes. Azaleas like the acidity.
We're going to the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast this morning, so I've got to go for now. Have a great Saturday!

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