Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why God Gave Labrador Retrievers Such Great Personalities and Looks

As I was Swiffering the black dog hair off my floors this morning, I pondered the plight of all indoor- Lab owners. We want them inside because they are adorable creatures. They have to be one of the most people-friendly breeds ever created. But do you know WHY? I have a theory on this subject: God gave the Labrador Retriever a great personality and looks because he knew that with some of their other (unintentionally-annoying) traits, they were going to need looks and charm to survive!
What follows may sound like complaining; it is not! It's just observations that I've made over time:
A Lab can clear a coffee table with one swipe of her tail...which is wagging feverishly because she is excited to see you (or the prospect that you might take her O-U-T-S-I-D-E). After" said run", the Lab comes in the house to slurp water at the same fevered pitch! Water around the bowl and up the wall...making me thankful for tile floors. I think the reason the drinking is messy when she is really thirsty is because of the soft palates that Labs as to not bruise the game birds that they might retrieve. Again, not her fault.

The fact that Labs shed their coats like an old Christmas tree sheds pine needles is well-known. Indoor Lab owners would put the Swiffer static mop on their list of this century's greatest inventions. They have an under coat, so they need regular brushing; luckily Stormy considers this "pampering" instead of "torture"! I, on the other hand, love the way her coat looks when I'm done, but having dog hair stick to my sweaty hands and arms as I brush her outside in the summer is not a treat. Again, this falls in line with my theory; that beautiful sleek black coat makes these dogs look absolutely regal, but we owners pay the price by mopping up hair every other day.

I guess for everything that's really worthwhile in life there is a price to be paid and a little sweat involved. As in everything else that he created on this earth, God knew what he was doing. Once you own one of these sweet tempered, lovable dogs...well, what's a little mess?!

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  1. I have a chihuahua, and the greatest compliment I got from the vet is that he has the personality of a lab! They really are sweet dogs. I had a chocolate lab named Missy many years ago, and was she ever a nut. I read someplace that they tend to stay 'puppyish' much longer than other dogs, which doesn't help considering their size! Yep, they are loveable!

  2. I don't have a lab but I do have a golden retriever and I think they are also very sweet dogs. Have you seen Marley and Me? I'm sure that movie made lab sales sore. I loved it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts about your Lab. We had to put our yellow Lab, Tiger, down about a month ago and I miss her sooo much. I miss how Tiger's tail used to clear off the coffee table. And it's still so strange coming home and not having her wet little nose up against the glass part of the kitchen door, just waiting for our homecoming.