Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cream Cheese Chipotle Appetizer Is Fast!

My sons are all home for the holidays, so I'm thinking of ways to use my time wisely. Here's my favorite, fastest appetizer.

My Holiday Scrapbook:

Marcia's Cheese Spread

1 block of cream cheese
1/2 bottle Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Favorite crackers (I like Toasteds)

Pull your most Christmasy serving plate out of the cupboard. Place cream cheese in the center and pour sauce over it. You can put fresh parsley around the sides for greenery if you're "feelin' uptown". Add the crackers, sit down with your Diet Coke with Lime and let the party begin! :0)

I'll be at these swaps today:


  1. Diet Coke with lime? Hmmm... at this time of year, I may need something with a bit more get up and go if I get a chance to sit down and let a party begin! :-)

    Looks delicious -- but I've never seen Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. But it sounds delish!
    Merry Christmas
    PS My daughters are home for the holidays, too -- it's delightful!

  2. That sounds yummy and easy. Two of the requirements for a recipe in my mind...lol...