Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Smoothie" Candy Bar-Very Quick!

These taste like the old Smoothie candy bars that I used to love as a kid. They had little cards in the bottom that you saved up to redeem for free candy. Do you remember them?

My Holiday Scrapbook:


1 lb. white chocolate
1 lb. butterscotch chips
1 C peanut butter

Pour melted candy into small foil cups on cookie sheet (or use a mini muffin pan!) Cool on counter for 2 hours.

I will be at these swaps today:
-Prairie Story


  1. I don't remember smoothie candy bars, but the recipe sounds good.

  2. Hi Marcia,
    Great candy recipe. Thank you for sharing it and you have a wonderful week end!

  3. They sounds really good. I remember a candy that almost tasted like a nougat. Not sure if I'm remembering the right candy.

  4. I make my own version of smoothies, only I use white almond bark and crunchy peanut butter and I add a handful of coconut.