Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Ice Cream Recipe from 1857

The ground is white this morning with a layer of ice under it. Since early morning, we could hear the winds howl, blowing sleet that hit our windows and roof. The silent, beautiful snow must have left its blanket sometime after 5:00 A.M. because I finally fell back asleep. I love seeing the snow out there, only because my family is all in for the day, no one has to go out because school and the office are closed for the day. For this snowy Tuesday, I want to share a final recipe from last Friday's Pioneer Cookbook.

Snow Ice Cream Page 200

Let snow fall several hours to clear atmosphere. Then place large, clean dishpan or dutch oven where it will fill with the falling snow. Bring snow into house and open can of sweetened Eagle Brand Milk. Punch hole in can and pour thin, steady stream over the snow quickly before melting begins. Add a tsp. of vanilla or other flavoring. Stir rapidly, and when snow reaches "ice cream" consistency serve bowls to all the children and let them eat it at once.
(Borden's Eagle Brand Condensed Milk was developed in 1857).

Robin Freeman Woods (Mrs. Pendleton)
Oklahoma City, OK

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  1. I live in Missouri and we have complete white-out from the snow. I can't remember when we last had a storm like this........anyway, when I was growing up my mom made snow ice. It is delicious. we also added food coloring. yummy. brings back alot of memories. thanks for sharing.

    Linda from Columbia, Missouri