Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make Summer Memories With Kids-The List Continues!

Today was a mini-vacation for me. I went to the hair salon. I love the quiet hum and heat of a hooded dryer and the way a haircut makes my head feeling lighter (no "blonde jokes" here, please!) I also like to read as many of the Us and People magazines as I can during my drying time; I'm all caught up now on the Jon and Kate Plus Eight drama. I don't purchase these magazines, so it's like putting a kid, who isn't normally allowed sugar, loose in a candy store!

After I got home from my hair appointment, I realized that I would be getting my post for the blog done late today. Luckily, I had discovered two large index cards with more ideas I had written for the Kid's Summer Fun Ideas (see blog post for June 10th) that I had neglected to include. Here's some more ideas of ways to keep your kids/grandkids entertained and busy without a screen in front of them!

More Kid Activities for Summer Fun:

-Let kids organize a "no-money-needed" book or toy swap with their gently-used items that they want to trade (with other parents' permission) in garage or back yard

-put up a badminton or volleyball net

-Play plastic pin bowling or street hockey in the driveway

-teach dog to catch frisbee-while running through the sprinkler

-make a cardboard box tunnel and decorate it

-have a sidewalk chalk art contest in the driveway and let the kids hose it off when they are done

-let them "paint" your garage, house, shed with a paint brush and water

-collect unopened toiletry items from past vacation/business trips (shampoos, lotions, soaps) and make little gift bags that they decorate themselves to hand out at a nursing home or VA center

-make your own snow cones

Snow-Cone Syrup

2 C sugar
3/4 C water
1 pkg. unsweetened Kool-Aid

Bring sugar and water to a full boil. Remove from heat and stir in Kool-Aid. Chill. It's ready for the crushed ice. If you have crushed ice in your fridge door, lucky you! If not, put cubes in clean plastic bag, tied shut, and whack it on the counter or smack it w/ a rolling pin. It won't be crushed as fine, but it will do...and the kids will be entertained!

One great site for moms who want to raise readers is MomTrends; Please give it a look!

Here are some of my summer reading suggestions:
(These are off the "top of my head" and in no particular order. Check for them at your local library and see which ones are age-appropriate for your kids!)

-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
-Wind in the Willows
-The Boxcar Children series
-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
-Junie B Jones series
-Little House series
-Trumpet of the Swan
-Charlotte's Web
-Peter Rabbit series (tales of Beatrix Potter)
-Ralph Mouse series
-Hank the Cowdog series
-The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
-James and the Giant Peach
-Little Women
-Amelia Bedelia series
-Mrs. Pigglewiggle
-Froggy series (Froggy gets dressed, etc.)
-Gus the Friendly Ghost series
-Magic Tree House series
-Magic School Bus series
-Dr. Seuss books
-Sesame Street series
-Arthur books by Marc Brown
-Dr. Doolittle
-Pipi Longstockings
-A Series of Unfortunate Events series
-Eric Carle books
-Treasure Island
-Moby Dick
-Black Beauty
-Ramona series

Here's to many happy summer adventures!

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