Sunday, June 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm excited to be starting a new week of menus, since last week was unusual and we had church most evenings. This week should go smoother. I'm going to cook a pork loin for my big piece of meat today, so you'll see that reflected in our menu plan.

Monday, June 15

Roasted Pork w/ herbs
parsley red potatoes
cauliflower w/ cheese
fruit salad

Tuesday, June 16

Spicy Rice and Sausage (March 31st post)
French Bread

Wednesday, June 17

Pork Chalupas
apple and pear slices

Thursday, June 18

Tilapia baked w/ Old Bay seasoning
Creamy Hash Brown Casserole
carrot/celery sticks

Friday, June 19

Pork on buns (or sub sandwich) for Family Game Night
baked beans

Saturday, June 20

French Toast
Turkey bacon
fruit plate

Hamburgers on grill w/ Vidalia onion and tomatoes

Sunday (Father's Day)

Steaks on grill
mashed potatoes
corn on the cob
green beans
hot rolls
Black Forest Cake

I'll be joining OrgJunkie today for MenuPlanMonday!


  1. Your spicy rice and sausage sounds yummy. Do you have a recipe posted anywhere? I would love to try it. Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a great week...especially the chalupas! Yum!


  3. Like Niki, I was going to say that the pork chalupas sound especially good!

  4. Please see my March 31st post of family recipes for the Spicy Sausage and Rice recipe. I may include the Chalupa recipe tomorrow if I get permission from the friend who shared it with me.

  5. Marcia, how do you prepare and cook your pork loin. I must be doing something wrong, because the ones I cook are tough. Sarah

  6. I dredge my pork loin in flour and then brown it on all sides in a hot skillet w/ a little olive. Then, I place in the crock pot, salt and pepper generously,and leave on low for several hours til tender. Depending on my mood, I snip herbs from the garden and put on top of it; or make slits in the pork with a sharp knife and insert slivers of fresh garlic; or sprinkle w/ lemon-pepper seasoning. It depends, too, on what I'm serving with it. I love to fix red potatoes w/ parsley, butter and garlic salt for a side! Ben and I really like carrots roasted with the meat, as well.
    Hey, what a sharp-looking couple I saw in the paper recently! Happy 50th Anniversary to you and your hubby! Best wishes.

  7. Thank you for the wishes.
    I guess I have been cooking on too high a heat as I put it on the high on the crock pot and at that temp. in the oven. Thanks. Sarah