Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Out of an Ingredient? Check This List

I would like to start out today's post by thanking all of you who have mentioned that you enjoy reading my blog. This happens before and after church services, sometimes, and occasionally on my Facebook page, or in my blog comments. My mom and dad, of course, were complimentary from the very beginning; parents are like that. "Oh, look! 'Marcy' put her shoes on the right feet!...and just in time to start 1st grade!...what a smart girl!" Yes, our parents and family are always there cheering us on because they love us, no matter what. That's a good feeling!

With regards to my blog, my friend Pat at Church asked, "How do you do that?!" I replied, "well, I've made a "phone-booth office" out of a storage closet in my laundry room. Every morning, I sit there with the dog on my feet, or behind my chair and pretend that I'm talking to my sister (while tapping on the oldest computer in the house; I think the "computer elite" are afraid I'll break the newer ones, and I fear that, myself!). If I have any computer crisis I yell, "Ben..... can you help me?" My teenage son (if he can't find a hiding place) graciously volunteers as my IT support (it's a demanding job that requires the patience of Job). I'm usually sipping my morning dose of Cranergy and trying not to accidentally roll backwards and hit the dog's tail; Stormy, my "editorial assistant" has been slightly injured a couple of times! Yes, now you know, it's a very low-tech, laid-back operation with a small "staff".

Although I joke, I'm really enjoying this new hobby; it's kind of like journaling for me. The bonus is hearing from people that I didn't know before, who are also interested in cooking and other aspects of family and home life. What a great bunch of folks to know; your comments and encouragement keep me excited about blogging!

A few weeks ago, I posted an old clipping from Family Circle Magazine. I keep it on the inside of my pantry door. On one side it has what to stock in your cupboard to avoid last- minute shopping trips. The other side has a list of substitutions if you run out of an ingredient. I've already shared the stock-up list, today will be the substitution list. Here it is:

"Happy Windssssday..." as Piglet said to Pooh!

I'm Participating in WFMW@WeareThatfamily today.

2 TBSP flour (for thickening)1 TBSP Cornstarch
1 cup honey1 1/4 C sugar and 1/4 C whatever liquid is used in the recipe
1 C brown sugar(packed)1 C granulated sugar
1 clove garlic1/8 tsp garlic powder
1 C tomato juice1/2 C tomato sauce plus 1 C water
2 C tomato sauce3/4 C tomato paste plus 1 C water
1 TBSP prepared mustard1 tsp dry mustard
Olive oilvegetable or canola oil
1 C beef or chicken broth1 C boiling water plus 1 bouillon cube
1 C fine, dry bread crumbs3/4 C fine cracker crumbs
RaisinsAn equal amount of currants, chopped prunes or dates

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  1. Thanks for the substitutions list. It will definitely come in handy!