Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saving time , mess and money!

I was thinking, yesterday, as I refilled soap dispensers, that I had never blogged about some of my money and mess-saving tips when it comes to bathroom staples. So here we go! If you've already put these into practice, or have some even better tips please leave a comment! I love to find out ways to make life around the house easier and less-expensive.

I have used liquid soap, in place of bar soap, by every sink for years. It saves you from having a messy, gummy pile of soap to clean up every time that you clean the sink tops. I know, some of you might say that you feel liquid soap is more expensive than bar soap, but here's how I go about it: I buy the clear liquid soap in Member's Mark brand at Sam's. I then refill Dial Complete Foaming soap containers. If you put half liquid soap to about half water and replace the top, then gently swish around, it will foam when the top is pushed down. (I bought the multi-pack of Dial complete Foaming Dispensers at Sam's, also; before that I used regular dispensers and refilled them, but your soap doesn't go nearly as far!)

If you have small children who play "roll the toilet paper and see how much comes off at one spin" you are probably wasting a lot of paper and having plumbing issues! When the boys at our house were little, I would put the new roll between thumb and fingers and smash it down before putting it on the roll dispenser. This keeps the roll of paper from rolling so fast.

If you hate scrubbing toilets (one of my least favorite jobs!) but you like a fresh- smelling, sparkling bowl, scrub each toilet very well and then drop a Clorox Bleach Tablet in the tank. I found a multi-pack of 6 of these at Sam's. Every time you flush (for 3 months-up to 10 flushes per day) it cleans and deodorizes with bleach.

An item that's very helpful for cleaning bathroom mirrors, TV and computer screens is used dryer sheets; you can store them in a an empty tissue box kept near your dryer.

I hope that you find these tips useful! Have a great Wednesday.

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