Monday, March 30, 2009

Food Prep Saves Me Time All Week

As I've mentioned before on here, Monday's my big laundry day that includes the sheets from all the beds and everything from the weekend (Mama don't do the wash on the weekend!). So Monday's the day that I roast a large piece of meat to use in 2 or 3 meals throughout the week, or 1 or 2 meals and sandwiches.

I neglected to mention something else that I do every Monday that saves me a lot of time and money-I prep as much food as I can for the week!For instance, today as I'm doing laundry, I'm also roasting chicken, and cooking the base for my Pasta Fagoli in the crock pot; that means that I have a head start on 3 meals this week. I also chop and bag (I use the Forever Green produce bags) all vegetables except tomatoes. I make 3-bean, broccoli, fruit salad, or any kind of salads ahead that won't go soft or gooey. At our house, these types of salads are used out of the fridge as snacks. If I were having any casseroles on my menu this week, I would prepare them today, also.

Any of the cooked " head starts" that can be done in your crock pot on Monday should be done that way, even if you have 2 or 3 crock pots going at once! You're saving time, energy (partially Yours!) and money. If you have the space to do it, once your soup bases or other goodies in the crocks cool down, just invert the glass lid and store them in the fridge, then you're ready to proceed on the day you're having that item (saves dishes and clean-up time, too).

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