Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Macaroni Salad Recipe

Over the years, I've had various people ask for my macaroni salad recipe, and I thought this would be a handy place for me to keep it. Then, if someone asks-I just send them to my blog! Sometimes I enjoy technology... when it's not frustrating me to a primal scream (like when I accidentally forget to save 20 minutes-worth of work that gets deleted!). And you thought all the whining and complaining was only on the major network news!!
Yeah...Yeah...It's a cooking blog...enough of the computer-venting, already. Here's the salad recipe:

Marcia's Macaroni Salad

1 box medium macaroni seashells, cooked, drained, salt to taste, and cooled
6 eggs hardboiled; cooled and diced

1/2 C diced sweet pickle
1/4-1/2 C shredded carrot (depending on how much you like carrots)
1/2 C shredded American cheese slices

Mix these ingredients together and pour on the dressing. Combine until the macaroni is well-coated. Chill for several hours; actually gets even better on the second day!

2 C Miracle Whip
1 tsp mustard (more if you're a mustard fan)
a couple of TBSP of the sweet pickle juice from the jar
Gradually add enough cold water until you reach the consistency of bottled salad dressing that pours out. Mix into the macaroni mixture.
(I also love sliced green stuffed olives in this).

Have a great Thursday!

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