Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break is Here

My spring cleaning started out with a roar, but has settled down to a whimper this week. It is Spring Break for area schools and colleges, so not only is my youngest son off, so is the oldest son who works for the University and has a post graduate class. So, you see, it's an unusual week around here; the week after Spring Break would be a much better time to start the cleaning project, so I don't break my stride.
What I have had the chance to do, is spend some time with Justin, my oldest. We are kindred souls when it comes to the love of reading, and we've been on a media shopping blitz! We've been to libraries and bookstores. One of our favorites is a place called Hastings. You can sit in comfy chairs while you look over books that you're interested in. You can enjoy flavored coffees. It's a little "oasis of wonderful" for book lovers. I find that my boys usually gravitate to the music CDs and movie sections when I'm there with them; haven't figured out why they don't want to stay and look at books?! Maybe they're trying to put some distance between themselves and the Over-40 chick in the Crock shoes who is camped out in a cushy chair with a stack of cookbooks and a mocha coffee....Nah, that can't be it!
Anyway, I'm so happy to have this time to run around and hit the town's literary "hot spots" with Justin. Speaking of "hot spots",tomorrow morning is the start of the public library's Annual Book Sale. Woohoo! we are sooo there!

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