Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reusable Items

It's a great Wednesday already! I talked with my son in Japan last night by IM (instant messenger), and talked with the other two in Colorado. The foreign traveler is doing well, and my skier and snowboarder have no broken bones, so I was relieved to hear from them. I can now continue the week without as much anxiety.
I think my blog today is something that all frugal-minded people do, but there may be something here that you haven't thought of, yet. We all like to use things over again, if we can, because it saves us money and trips to the store! So, here is a list of things that I reuse that I jotted down in my spiral notebook-just off the top of my head. I may come up with more later, and there may be a second list on a future blog. If you have anything that you have found to be "reuseful" please leave me a comment!

Items that I Reuse

-Heavy wax bag liners from cereal boxes
great for storing or sending cookies and brownies through the mail(inside of box)
or transferring them to school or church event

-Dryer sheets
cleaning t.v. screens, computer screens, and general dusting jobs

-Large sheets of waxed paper or foil

-Gently-used ziplock bags (rinse with hot water and drain over a tall glass)

-Large envelopes that you get a greeting card in
write your grocery list on the outside and put the coupons that you're using for that trip on the inside

-Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, mailing boxes and nice packaging that comes to you through UPS or other mail carriers

-Gently used gift wrap, gift bags and bows

-Large plastic plant pots with drainage holes

-Plastic bags and paper bags from shopping trips make great liners for small wastebaskets

-Old single socks, worn tea towels, cloth diapers, flannel p.j.s
good for cleaning and dusting-just keep them in a "rag bag" in your broom closet
(rubber band a sock to the end of your broom handle to get dog hair and dust in the hard-to-reach spots or ceiling cobwebs)

-Old cling-type photo albums (or pocket type)
Big albums can keep recipe clippings from magazines and newspapers organized
Small hand-held photo albums can be used as a grocery coupon file or to keep fast-food and eat out coupons organized to carry in your car

-Old place mats
use under t.v. or plants to protect furniture
use plastic ones under pet bowls to catch food and water splats for easy clean-up

-Old bath towels
good dog towels for after she runs or her bath
mark the towels "Dog" with permanent marker and keep in mudroom or garage

window cleaning
put under mulch in your landscaping or between rows in your garden to keep the weeds down

-Old shower curtains or plastic tablecloths
good drop cloths for painting projects

-Big plastic containers with screw-on lids (like the ones pretzels come in at Sam's
storing dog treats
keeping small Leggo blocks, Match box cars and other small toys organized
small items in your workshop or craft room

-Scarves, neckties, old scouting scarves
cut them down and make cute scarves for the dog

-Old cartoon character fleece throws and blankets that the kids have outgrown
nice cozies for the dog or cat to curl up on
moving blankets
emergency blankets to keep in your car in the winter (they are bright colors and easily spotted)

-Bed pillows that have lost their fluffiness
(Mom's idea here) sew a double seam down the middle and cut to create two nice throw pillows; then cover with favorite fabric for in the house or on the porch

-Overly ripe citrus fruit
put down the disposal w/ ice cubes to clean the blades and deoderize

Well, that's all I have for now. Please go to Rocksinmydryer who hosts Works for Me Wednesdays to see other people's tips.

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  1. So many of these suggestions reminded me things my mom did. Back then it was more to save money than to go green, I'm sure. Thanks for reminding us all how simple it really is to reuse.